About Us

It starts from September 2015

I became a startup founder by accident. As it was said by some great person that "Do what you like and like what you do", I always dreamed to become an entrepreneur and loved being around machines, a machine lover. I thought why can't I mix both my dreams and my love together?..I started up by putting my ideas on paper and then slowly on social media sites like Facebook pages, still I couldn't see any future of my company anywhere.


One fine day, in September 2015, my friend, Chetan Rathod called me up after seeing my startup's FB page and pitched the idea of building a startup together. There were no concrete thoughts on product or market, just an idea to build a business together. I had always wanted to build a business, and Chetan was an experienced businessman. I took the jump. We bought our first bike together, built a team, started renting them out and I have never regretted that decision ever. Today we have more than ten bikes in just six months and a team with great skills.

2 city!
For now we are only at belgaum, soon comming to Hubli.
10+ vehicles!
More than ten vehicles are already running on roads for rent..
Only a Year completed!
It's just a startup
20+ destinations travelled!
Travelled more than twenty destinations including Goa, Kholapur, Hubli-dharwad, Bhutan etc..
500+ customers!
We have more than two fifty happy customers and still counting..
10,000+ Kms travelled!
Travelled more than ten thousand kilometres and still counting..